To open an account with us, you must read and agree to these terms:

Installation Agreement Form
Sunrise Sign & Post

30081 Ahern Ave
Union City, CA 94587

  1. All new account registrations will be required to prepay by credit card on an order by order basis unless approved by Sutton Signs.
  2. Sutton Signs reserves the right to place any customer on a Pre-Pay required status.
  3. All orders entered Mon-Fri 8am-5pm will be installed by the next business day, excluding inclement weather and holidays (residential), and within 2-3 days (commercial).
  4. All orders entered after hours are subject to fall on the next business day. All orders are installed Mon-Fri only (Saturdays on special request).
  5. Sutton Signs will install according to the instructions entered in the order.
  6. Sutton Signs will send an email confirmation with scheduled install date within 1 business day.
  7. Sutton Signs installs all orders geographically and cannot guarantee am or pm until the date of installation.
  8. "Special Requests": Sutton Signs will do our very best to accommodate each and every one of our agents. Please feel free to call or send us an email and let us know what we can do to make your listing exactly the way you would like it.
  9. All orders placed out of our normal covered area are subject to additional fees. These fees may cost $15 - $100.
  10. When a post is called down, Sutton Signs collects all signs and riders at the listing unless otherwise noted.
  11. Sutton Signs will house all residential "For Sale" signs in our warehouse at no charge (Commercial signs are subject to fees).
  12. Any signs warehoused with Sutton Signs will be stored inside our building on racks with the utmost care. Any damage occurring to a sign is the responsibility of the office or listing agent. Sutton Signs cannot guarantee "damage free" to any or all signs of the listing office.
  13. Any riders that the listing agent would like Sutton Signs to hang for them at no additional charge must be left on the porch of the listing and noted in the instructions on the order form. Sutton Signs does not check each porch for left riders or brochures.
  14. Any riders or brochures picked up by Sutton Signs will be returned to the listing agents' office every other month at no charge. Additional trips will be charged for. (Return service not available for commercial signs or independent agents.)
  15. Any lost or damaged (beyond repair) property of Sutton Signs is the responsibility of the listing agent and subject to replacement code (see price list).
  16. All posts are installed within our two business day schedule. The standard term for post installations is 90 days. After the first 90 days a $5.00 rental fee will be charged each month thereafter.
  17. This agreement is between the listing office or agent and Sutton Signs. If at anytime the agent or office would like to terminate the agreement, a written notice must be provided with a 30-day notice to quit.
  18. All prices are subject to change. See Price List for current pricing.
  19. All orders are invoiced at the end of the month and payment is required by the 10th of the following month.
  20. Any invoices not paid by the 10th will be subject to a late fee and possible finance charges.
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